Maldon Sharks Competitive Swimming Training

Dear Parents,

These guidelines ask for your support in achieving our goals as a competitive swimming club, and we would be grateful if you show and discuss the ‘Competitive Swimming Training’ and ‘Rules of the Pool’ sections with your child.

We need to emphasise the importance of a well structured and safe training session that all swimmers can enjoy and benefit from. 

The majority of club swimmers are very fast, but too few can hold their speed for a 50m or 100m race. The coach can give stroke and turn advice, but it is the attitude of the swimmer that will improve fitness and stamina. We need all swimmers to show commitment and self-discipline in both training and galas. 

Most swimmers enjoy training to become better; The few that don’t want to train properly spoil it for everyone else.

In an hour’s session, the warm-up usually consists of 10 minutes and the swim-down approximately 5 minutes. The coach explaining sets may take another 5-10 minutes. Of the remaining time, an average set may include around 20% rest time. That leaves around only 30 minutes of training. Each push-off/turn should consist of an efficient 5-15m underwater transition, leaving maybe only half a length of actual swimming. So in a 1 hour session there may be only 15 minutes of actual swimming! Many of those sets will include drills that specify a slow or medium pace.

That is why, when the coach gives a specific set with specific rest times, or asks for speed and effort… it is expected.

Stopping during a length, hanging around the ends during a set and generally mucking about is not only a waste of training time, but is also very disruptive to other swimmers. 

Please can you remind your child to be changed and ready (with all their equipment) before training is due to start. Late arrival on poolside is not only detrimental to that swimmer, but disruptive to the other swimmers.

If you are unclear on any of the points raised or have other questions regarding training, please feel free to ask the coach.

Competitive Swimming Training 

·        We all want you to enjoy becoming faster and fitter

·        Your coach can help your stroke and turns

·        Only you can help your fitness / stamina

Below shows how few minutes we have of actual swimming

·        Listen carefully to the coach, with no chatting or mucking about

·        Some of your sets will be fun, or on a slow / moderate pace, so swim   fast with effort when asked to

·        Work hard on your stroke and turns all the time

·        Do not spoil it for those that really want to train and become faster

  Rules for the Pool

·        Make sure you have all your equipment before leaving home (swim-wear, hat, goggles, kick board, pull buoy drink etc…)

·        Go to the toilet before training starts

·        Be on poolside on time, with hat and goggles on, ready to swim

·        Self-discipline is essential to ensure you can improve your swimming in a safe environment. So listen carefully and work hard

·        When the coach is talking, be quiet and pay attention. Ignoring the coach (or coaching assistant) will not be tolerated

·        Unless told otherwise, push off at 5 second intervals. If someone does not push off at their 5 second gap, still go at your time

·        Always do a proper turn and underwater transition

·        Do not spoil the training session for other swimmers

·        If you have to stop, then keep out of the way of other swimmers

·        If someone else stops, you should just keep swimming as normal

·        Always ask before you get out of the pool to go to the toilet etc.

·        If you feel ill or unable to train, tell the coach and get out. 

·        No sitting on lane ropes

·        You are in the pool for competitive swimming training. Hanging around the end and not swimming is unfair to other swimmers and is unacceptable

A downloadable version of this document is also available here